About Us

we are part of Nikitha, one of the leading web design & development company in Chennai, India. now we launched new platform to cater quick one page web design services, especially to start-ups and social marketing companies, designed to deliver best one page website, custom single page web design, email template, We assure our landing page services meet *Google Adwords ™ campaign standard. We have gathered great expertise over nineteen years of providing service to branding and custom web development industry and use our web knowledge to motivate our customers about their market online, we deliver responsive SEO friendly onepage websites, email designs & mobile friendly landing page in time every time.




Empowering web presence

Custom website design, Every business is unique, which is why we offer tailored web design to suit individual companies for their online ventures. Nikitha offers custom web design services to any brand or business with a vision to imprint their message on the soul of human consciousness. We have the complete web solution for you. All of our web services like web design, web application, seo service, social media optimizing and digital marketing are adaptable to suit your business requirements.

Hosting for Lasting

The word Hostyuga was coined for this site, keeping in mind the current trend of the world, running behind the World Wide Web. Just like Kritha yuga, thretha yuga, dwapara yuga, this ongoing yuga is like that of hosting yuga in this Kali yuga, where everybody is finding online space for business and for their existence.Registering for a domain and creating a web address is the most important task of any individual to have web presence and publicize their personal or business prospects. To register you domain and create your web address

The Sign of Success

We assist you in Trade Mark Registration, Patent & Copyright, Muthirai.com is the intellectual patent services coordinating wing of the well known Chennai based web branding company Nikitha. Muthirai in Tamil synonymously refers to identity, legal seal, registration, stamping etc. Muthirai.com is poised to uphold ethical values of creativity leading to business identity and aggressively voices to safeguard all your business.

Business Name Generator

Find and grab your desired business brand names in a few seconds from our unique multi language random name generator, its quick and easy to use, you can coin brand names with two languages with defined alphabets, this engine designed by brand naming industry experts. As a special feature we have added famous language words and names with meaning, you can easily understand meaning of the words or name, we will update all world languages in our random name generator engine.

Custom Web-Based Business Applications

Our services include building custom web based business solutions for our clients. Each application created is unique in design specifically created to support that particular business or organization. The key feature of the application is providing better control and management for the clients. Taking on the requirements of the client, our team works on the development of the application keeping in mind the important parameters which will ensure the stability and productivity.

SEO process simplified

Our unique online application helps you to track, analyze and improve your keyword rankings in search results. Our online application user experience tested designed to manage easily and learn about SEO well even for new staffs too. You can update keywords position and provide access to your clients to monitor their keyword progress whenever they want, your clients can view their keyword's current positions in Google in our online SEO tool, our tool provide the link to cross check the actual position in Google, when clicked the link, it automatically goes to Google's particular page your client can verify it very easily, for all other search engines

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